Monday, July 13, 2015

Creating Wellness

Can you replace tense frustration with a happy energy?

Tension causes all sorts of stress and is the #1 cause of stress. Stress related illnesses are rampant in this hurried society and what is all the hurry about anyway?
  • More materialistic things?
  • A bigger house?
  • A shinier car?
  • A nicer wardrobe?
  • Would it be so terrible to allow those pretty manicured fingernails go natural and start reducing the number of “not so necessary” things go?
“Well, that’s possible,” you say. “I can learn to simplify my life. I don’t have to run so fast to keep up with the Jones’ or have the newest and finest electronic device or iphone, and we really don’t need to eat out as frequently.”

Understand this concept is the beginning of manifesting health into your life. Letting go of all the tension and stress is a crucial beginning point to allow in what is truly important. But it is more than manifesting health, it is about manifesting wellness, and even better than that – Wholeness.

Are you satisfied with a normal life of relative ease and comfort in which you learn how to temporarily and partially minimize, console, and suppress life’s sufferings through advances of modern medicine, prevention strategies, material gain, stress management and other physical remedies and psychological techniques?
As you approach a more profound form of healing, the diagnosis of the causes of distress is more subtle and precise and the antidote or remedy is self-generated, comprehensive and more accurately aimed at the source. (Dacher, E 2006).

The first step in doing so is learning how to relax. Really relax. You must dedicate a time for yourself to relax and when you are ready, go within. You can make any part of your body feel comfortable merely by thinking about relaxing and moving the flow of blood to any part of your body that needs to be relaxed.

When you can relax, you can replace stress and tension with peace, well-being and a happy energy.