Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creating Wellness-A New Way of Life

From Unit 3, I scored well in spiritual and psychological aspects, but I feel like my score has gone up to a 9 in that area now. I feel like the meditation practices we learned in this course have catapulted my sense of well-being.

As for my biological aspects, I had to work on that because I am 30 pounds overweight. I have begun a weight loss program that is not just weight loss, it is being more aware of what I eat and why. When I watch that, and stop the snacking late at night, and when I stop myself from eating when I feel stressed, and instead, meditate, I have cut my calories and carbs way down. Consequently, I have made a gallant effort to get to the gym 5 days a week and go back to yoga and pilates. I have done all of that this week, and am pleased that I have already shed 5 lbs. and my clothes are fitting better.

Creating Wellness and the Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing has been a pivotal point in both my personal health and wellness, as well as the professional services I am providing.

I learned how to provide loving-kindness meditation for someone who is suffering whether that person is sitting right next to me, across town, or in another city, state or country. I also learned how to provide that loving-kindness to myself and that has helped my stress levels. I just think about the fact that I am surrounded by white light, that I am grounded, that I love and I am loved, and that I have a special purpose on this earth, and I am able to come out ahead of my previous self, with no self-pity, no worries, and a calm and peace that propels me to the level I want to be at.

In my profession, this ability has already helped me with my clients and colleagues. I use this same meditation on them, and I have become a better listener. When my client understands that I care by virtue of my listening skills, they are more prone to comply with my recommendations for a better quality of life. When I come across a client who is not quite there and needs to work on their spiritual side, I do some kind of loving kindness meditation for them, and hope for the best.

I got married during this term, last Saturday, April 24th. Chuck has been my sweetheart for 23 years, and we have a 20 year old son together. Why did we wait for long to get married? It's a very long story, but I can tell you this, even though we have been together for years, we now feel "together." We feel closer, and I am proud to be his wife and say my new name, "Mrs. Hilbert." If not for the lessons I learned in this class, I don't know if I could've pulled off the wedding with what resources I had as well as I did. My friends and family were pivotal, but I changed. I am more peaceful and have a better outlook. I am no longer afraid of failure, and in my professional career, I am no longer afraid of failure either.

Some say people are afraid of success. I think that was me to a great extent. I'm no longer afraid of success now either, because I'm just plain no longer afraid.

Thank you Dr. Susan Johnson and Kaplan, and thank you classmates.


Paula McClellan-Hilbert